An Introduction to Micons

Ted Nelson :

um I seem to have , ah I sorta created the first micon, um sorry its a bit ott but if you are really really really bored and oh its all at micons.org and micons.tv . I made for Earth Day. You can touch it to go to the site (“click on it” in oldspeak) .

Here Is The Global Warming Micon :

This is my Global Warming Micon. It is Moving, but so do animated Gifs. Whats different is that it delivers a message. Perhaps we have to change the idea of the M = Moving. Perhaps a better definition is M = Message. So I Micon is a Message icon…I designed this. If you look at the message itself. It has a picture of the Earth then a series of nature images. But images have an impact but look at the moving message. The lizard in the desert (dersertification) zooms into his eye, the fish zooms in, the turtle zooms in . They are appealing to you “Looking at you right in the eye” Nature is sending you a message. The Tiger, its their year, looks at a child, what kind of planet are preparing for our children? The wise Tiger looks at the child “What are your parents doing to us?” What is happening to our Earth? Its getting Warmer Every millisecond. ITS ON FIRE!

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