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  • Internet Primer
  • Internet For Professionals
  • A Bit More Than Basic Computer Skills
  • Advanced Computer Skills
  • How To Blog (WordPress)
  • Graphic Design, Beginners and Advanced
  • Video Production, Editing and Publishing
  • Social Networking
  • Virtual Reality
  • Web Page Creation and Site Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Ok. Ike Ma Sho = Japanese for “Lets Go” and start with The Internet then on to free stuff

    You really need to give me a call so I can suss out where you are. 15 mins consult is free.

    But this video will show you what its all about and how the Internet got started, how it works and computers. Its great! In 1957 I was 9, I guess me and the ‘Net grew up together. I used JANET in 1986. It really got started in 1990. I got serious in 1995. And we have been together ever since. Me and the Internet are old friends. I do research for Google and I have connections with ICANN and TED , I am terrible for name dropping ūüėČ


    To give you some idea of the more advaced training here is a demo of Excel

    Basic Advice : Please Skip if its too basic :#

    If you are really really new to all this then¬†Click Here (updating the site be ready by Monday 06/09/2010 . (Well done for getting this far). You could¬†email me with a specific question ~ I’ll do my best to answer promptly, but I get a lot of mail. You could join the forum by¬†registering or logging in to the Forum and start a topic. Someone or me will be monitoring it, although I confess that I am up to my eyes at the moment but I will check in every 12 hours. The Forum is really a great way of getting things moving ~ take your time registering, there is no rush. If you get it right the first time you won’t have to do it again right? Remember you are here to have fun as well. It is OK to make mistakes. From my experience everyone on the Internet is kind, friendly and willing to share. If you are not able to share much at the moment ~ don’t worry…YOU will become a resource too! Sure there are scams, spams and pushy marketers, you are not stupid and never part with your hard-earned cash immediately, think about it, book mark it ~ if its any good it will be there tomorrow despite : Act Now! Limited Offer! Only You! Expires in 24 hours! Crap! LOL.

    There are 30 day free trials too. Early on I downloaded everything, the try-before-you-buy scheme is great. But for God’s sake don’t install anything that asks for global dominance of stuff like associating all your .jpg files with the program. Unless its from someone like Microsoft or Google. Always trust Google and you won’t go wrong. What is more all Google stuff is generally free. Picasa is a great example, it will index all the images stored on your computer. Yes all of them, even the one you took of your dog¬† five years ago that you had totally forgotten about. Google Earth is another great example. BTW if you don’t like a program or its too expensive then uninstall it. If the program is any good it will uninstall easily. I tend to dislike money back guarantees that ask for your credit card details and promise a refund (tho I use it myself) but if you don’t like it take them up on it. If you ask and they don’t then report them! You have rights!

    PC Maintenance. MUST be done. You are probably running Windows so once a week get rid of all those Temp files for example. DeFrag regularly. A lot of these tasks can be automated.¬†Please please back up regularly, set a restore point regularly. Don’t trust your computer (sorry ~ had to be said), trust yourself. Your computer has a memory, don’t trust it, it may be showing you old stuff that is no longer real, no longer up-to-date. Close down your computer and start fresh. If any program, browser, plug in wants to update itself then¬† just do it. Always have the latest version, trust Adobe for example. Pay for a good anti-virus program like Norton, don’t scrimp on essential stuff ~ you will regret it. P.S. If you are doing anything : save every 5 mins, save before you have a cup of coffee, Save¬†before you fuck up not¬†after.

    Finally, what you are reading is free. This template was free.¬† Searching for stuff is free. The Forum software was free. Twitter is free. This domain costs me $8 per month. My Internet connection costs me 40 Euros a month. Most of this stuff is designed for ¬†a basic Laptop. If you want to go to Clara you can cycle in the rain or you can get a reasonable standard vehicle and do everything easily, quickly , efficiently and dryly. I have a Bugatti but I’ll stay in first gear (hehehehe) to keep up with you. ¬†I have experience, I have time. Its yours. (Secret : Its not difficult to do stuff! For Gods Sake don’t tell the big boys. And so much is free but please don’t say anything, they might have to sell their platinum bathroom taps and put up with common gold ones. ssshhhh)

    Heres a free graphics program and animation program if you want a start. Give me a call on 086 128 0549 I’ll talk you through the installation. Or Skype me (pjfbncyl Philip Finlay-Bryan) if you can.

    What’s special? “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” Samuel Beckett

    Internet Stuff

    Blogging and its a great way to start learning html, the web language

    Heres a vid to get you started, please watch it full screen. I do apologise, I made this on my Dunne Stores Laptop with a pay-as-you-go wireless modem. I made it in my youth about a year ago. Sorekara ( Japanese for “therefore” ) Its a bit primitive and very basic and warts n all. I’ll make a new one soon. Its 45 minutes long so you are bound to get bored too. I can talk you through this in 30 mins. :


    I will end here with a video on Social Networking that I seized

    And here is something I do with graphics using a free Microsoft application to whet your appetite

    And here are some haidressing tips from my DD

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