Has it been 5 years?

Wow haven’t touched this blog for 5 years. A great historical record. Well you will be pleased to know that I bought a new computer. Its absolutely spiffing and two years on it is still above spec for high end computers. I bought a 27″ monitor and its gorgeous. My windows into the world (I still have my 22″ as a second monitor). I have also in the past month renewed my membership with The RSA and am back to being a Fellow!

RSA Member

We have started a forum and its wonderful. I am learning so much.

I have started a digital literacy mission.
It started with OlderCitizens.com / .org / WordPress as I thought older citizens can have a voice. I have since realised that ALL citizens need a voice so registered YoungerCitizens.com and MatureCitizens.com. On these sites are tutorials as to how to create a WordPress blog for free. If you don’t have a blog go to one of the sites and get one.

Will stay in touch…….