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Over 1 Billion People
Are using The Internet. The Good News? Its never been easier! Gone are the days when being on line was slow and hard work. Gone are they days when you had to spend a fortune for First Class Design. Gone are the days when you had to invest months in training. And gone are the days when being an Internet Person was the realm of geeks.
It is Ordinary, it is normal, it is everyday.
Do you know the biggest problem we encounter with our clients? They believe that the world hasn’t changed in the past few years. Well folks, it has.
Once we have helped you overcome your psychological blockages, you will need us less and less. (Actually, you will probably always need us because what we do, every single day, is prepare for tomorrow.) We Surf, we identify the trends and…
Philip Finlay-Bryan CEO
B.Sc. (Hons) Psych/Computing, MA



      We do not do anything until we have analysed your needs. We will then prepare a report. Its not free because we are using a decade of experience. However the report is a No Strings Attached Document. You will give it to your board, your colleagues, your best friend who you trust or (believe it or not) your mother or your father.
      You may decide to go it alone and just use the information we have provided. Fine. You may decide to just go with training and do the rest yourself. Fine. You may want us on an ad hoc consultancy basis. Fine. You may ignore it. Not Fine. Sorry, if you are in business and want to survive you better not ignore it.
    Your Report will take a week. We will need a day with you at your company offices. We will need a staff meeting not just with the people who think they run the show but also with the people who really run the show. This is not subversive, its common sense,: if Doris in accounts is not happy because her computer is slow and she’s been asking for an upgrade for months… those figures you needed yesterday? Well she might not go the extra mile..

  • The Report belongs to you, not us. We hold a copy for security purposes. No one gets a copy unless authorised by you. You paid for it.
  • Whatever your decision. That’s your decision. We respect that. There will be NO follow ups. Sorry we are too busy.


Who are we?

Since the middle 1990s we have

  • Set up and designed training courses including a pre cursor to the E.C.D.L.
  • Operated as an I.S.P. for five years
  • Run and maintained our own web servers and name servers. (We outsource this to the states now, its cheap, its fast and its very very professional)
  • We designed sites for our local county council, a government body covering a main geographical region, a four star hotel. And more
  • We now run services for Guinness , The BBC and are innovators and developers in the field of Virtuality
  • Microsoft Partner and BizSpark Start-up , Google Researcher, Social Networking Experts and the owner of a newspaper.

We are here to help

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