Thought we would have a bit of a chat

So, hows things with you then? Im a bit pissed but I guess thats ok.  I haven’t … anyway thats another story. I was feeling a tad depressed, bit homeless and I had a fight with my ex (arsehole she is)  anyway. What to do? So I popped into Dunne Stores and found some 37.5% Gin and sat outside had a smoke and had a few gulps and began to mellow. Tucked it into my sports bag and headed to the pool.  Im typing this is the foyer of the bridge btw. Anyway i headed to the pool. It was a bit mad because it was a kids splash thingy so I just headed to the spa pool and sunk into the hot bath. Watched the kids being kids. I closed my eyes and was transported back to another time when kids were disturbing my wa.  It was at the Taj Mahal. About 4pm in the afternoon and the kids were running around screaming in the inner tomb and I thought omg this is a soul in torment (well it is a tomb).  I went back around midnight. No one was there and it was a full moon. The only way to see the Taj is on a bright full moon. Believe me it inventwd the word ethereal. I went to the inner chamber and chanted OM. It resonated. It circled and transmitted it was OM. The kids in the pool were a bit distant and I began to feel calm. The hot jets of water massaging my nether regions I began to unwind.

Ive movede upstairs coz I needed a smoke. There is a wedding going on but Im the other end. Hang on while I roll a fag. Ok. In the pool I began to feel calmer more in tune. My pregnant friend walked past with her 4 yr old. I said to her that she would have it in the pool she said she was due in 3 weeks. Ha! A couple of ladsw got into the pool and we had a bit of a chat. One of them said the doc had told his wife to stay out of the pools, too hot too much pressure…. I decidede to head outside before the kids found it. I think they know (the staff) that I like to relax so they didn’t turn on the jets. I stuck my feet on the shelf and floated in the warm water hands behind my back relaxing in the most comfortable sofa ever. It began to rain quite hard and i floated in the darkness with just my face exposed to the rain…..I relived some rain moments….. another time….I was unwound. I floated there for about 20 minutes I think….. Then headed into the pool. Everyone had gone. I eased into the water and swam a slow breswt stroke for a couple of lengths, then underwater for half… Its wonderful when no one is there. The water is so calm and I do not make waves. I swam a few lengths doing my slow breast stroke then a few on mty back doing my jelly fish pulse… then into the sauna… got boiled like a dry lobster had a chat with a nigerian guy then suitably internally superheatede went back to the internal spa pool… Ill finish this off in the morning, its getting a bit chilly and Im feeling a bit tired… later guys…

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