Poor Ireland

Featuring M I C O N S . I love using micons they are so so micons. refersI mean its not good manners to kick a person when they are down but…. Offaly kicked me….Old thinking prevails people must (hate the word but) embrace New Technology. It offers a platform for moving forward. The Internet Rules my world why not yours? It is a “socialist” yes I know the word has so many connotations but. So many resources on the net are free. Skype is a perfect example. We have a free world wide video telephone system. If you have a computer and are in front of it the telephone is almost redundant in so may ways. Why does not Offaly County Enterprise board through of the archaic 20th century modalities and embrace new thinking? Why have I not been supported?

Ireland is to be bailed out of its financial crisis either by the EU or by the UK. What will happen? Old thinking with no solutions except more of the same.Wake Up Ireland

And here is the video:

Or if you would prefer here is the animation of the video:

As a recognized Bi Polar Manic Depressive currently incarcerated in Portlaoise I aphorise a lot. My favourite “how come you look so good Philip ? Whats the secret of your success? My answer “Clean Women”  lol


Thought we would have a bit of a chat

So, hows things with you then? Im a bit pissed but I guess thats ok.  I haven’t … anyway thats another story. I was feeling a tad depressed, bit homeless and I had a fight with my ex (arsehole she is)  anyway. What to do? So I popped into Dunne Stores and found some 37.5% Gin and sat outside had a smoke and had a few gulps and began to mellow. Tucked it into my sports bag and headed to the pool.  Im typing this is the foyer of the bridge btw. Anyway i headed to the pool. It was a bit mad because it was a kids splash thingy so I just headed to the spa pool and sunk into the hot bath. Watched the kids being kids. I closed my eyes and was transported back to another time when kids were disturbing my wa.  It was at the Taj Mahal. About 4pm in the afternoon and the kids were running around screaming in the inner tomb and I thought omg this is a soul in torment (well it is a tomb).  I went back around midnight. No one was there and it was a full moon. The only way to see the Taj is on a bright full moon. Believe me it inventwd the word ethereal. I went to the inner chamber and chanted OM. It resonated. It circled and transmitted it was OM. The kids in the pool were a bit distant and I began to feel calm. The hot jets of water massaging my nether regions I began to unwind.

Ive movede upstairs coz I needed a smoke. There is a wedding going on but Im the other end. Hang on while I roll a fag. Ok. In the pool I began to feel calmer more in tune. My pregnant friend walked past with her 4 yr old. I said to her that she would have it in the pool she said she was due in 3 weeks. Ha! A couple of ladsw got into the pool and we had a bit of a chat. One of them said the doc had told his wife to stay out of the pools, too hot too much pressure…. I decidede to head outside before the kids found it. I think they know (the staff) that I like to relax so they didn’t turn on the jets. I stuck my feet on the shelf and floated in the warm water hands behind my back relaxing in the most comfortable sofa ever. It began to rain quite hard and i floated in the darkness with just my face exposed to the rain…..I relived some rain moments….. another time….I was unwound. I floated there for about 20 minutes I think….. Then headed into the pool. Everyone had gone. I eased into the water and swam a slow breswt stroke for a couple of lengths, then underwater for half… Its wonderful when no one is there. The water is so calm and I do not make waves. I swam a few lengths doing my slow breast stroke then a few on mty back doing my jelly fish pulse… then into the sauna… got boiled like a dry lobster had a chat with a nigerian guy then suitably internally superheatede went back to the internal spa pool… Ill finish this off in the morning, its getting a bit chilly and Im feeling a bit tired… later guys…


Dublin Web Summit Update

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Here Is The Intro

Here Is The Conference: has the video in a better format but its a bit slow because of the owl

Why did the organizers of the dot com address throw away millions by not streaming the event? 5 bucks to view each keynote speaker of choice. 15 bucks unlimited access. Sell the vids, sell the t shirts, sell the complete transcripts. Access freebies. Jesus guys it was a Gig! Duh…Of Course they could have streamed it for free and helped make the world a better place….btw just for the craic I let the template put in hyper links.

In the longer term I plan to create a Virtual Dublin within Blue Mars. It will Have a Hub :
This Hub will be a fusion of elements, Virtual and Real.

The Hub will be a Distribution of web addresses that have identifiers:

  • .net Will be a network of the most common networking applications.
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Blue Mars, Twitter
  • .biz Will be instruction into Microsoft Office and SharePoint, coupled with Blogging. As an adjunct html will be learnt. HTML is the language of the web and its principles and common tags need to be known
  • .org will be accessing Free Stuff of which there is an awesome amount.

.info will provide the overview….

Oh Dear I wish people would wake up. for training

Heres my speech I didn’t give:

Hi Everybody!Philip from Bog Of Allen dot com (one day people will say “Hi Dr. Phil”) . Anyone got a camera phone, an Internet connection and a Youtube account? I have, someone else film this please and put it on Youtube. Anyone got a Laptop a webcam and Skype? Ok we can stream this live over the net to at least 1 person. Ok. People say Twitter is inane people just talk about their pets and what they had for breakfast. Heres my Tweet. Oh Ladies? Could you write this down? I would ask a man to do it but it involves Thinking Writing and Listening and we all know men can’t multi task (And still get paid 40% more than you!) Anyway my Tweet:

My Cat Eats Toast Freud Loved Cats and Cocaine Merchant Bankers Rule on drug money BeKool dot net with a k #craic #crs

OK? My Cat (my pet) eats Toast, Toast is really important. When the first black proto human (OMG we are descended from Blacks? Thats worse than being descended from monkeys) was on the African savannah and a lightening bolt set the place on fire he said “Great, Now I can make Toast!” Freud a buzz word – hey guys remember when you were a kid and you saw your mum in a bra and felt stirrings? Oh scary stuff. Freud loved cats he said “Time spent with Cats is never wasted. ” When he discovered Cocaine he thought he had found the answer to all humankinds problems (some people still do) until his best mate OD ed on the Stuff. Merchant Bankers Rule on Drug Money who bailed out the banks to the tune of over 300 million dollars in cash? Coke dealers laundering their drug money. Be Kool dot net with a k advertises my web site. #craic in Irish, a bit of craic, any craic means FUN! I spelt it for them in case there were coke users in the audience (crack cocaine) and finally #crs = cockney rhyming slang Merchant Bankers = Wankers. Wankers Rule ! thanks Be Happy

Shame I never got to deliver it……oh OnlyOwls dot com is really Kool. so BeKool dot net with a k

I Love Cool Iris


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